Sleeves is ParagonsDAO’s solution that allows users to earn passive rewards on their individual Parallel cards, reducing the financial barriers to participating in Echelon Foundation’s Paraset Caching.

Sleeves allows you to contribute to shared Parasets, and collect your share of their earnings—and soon, they’ll offer you the flexibility to play with your “sleeved” cards as if they’re in your wallet! Sleeve your cards now, only on Priming.

The Sleeves smart contract was audited by Quantstamp. You can review the audit here.

Collaborative caching helps everyone earn

Parasets offer Parallel collectors ongoing $PRIME yield (fed by Prime Sinks) in exchange for staking a complete, specific subset of cards (i.e. “Paraset”) in the Echelon Foundation’s “Caching” smart contracts. But collecting a full Paraset can require a significant capital investment—a financial barrier for the average gamer. Even most who already cache Parasets have many “orphan” cards that could be earning rewards if they were in a Paraset.

Through Sleeves, we’re reducing these barriers by opening caching to all Parallel collectors—from those with 1 Parallel card to those with hundreds. Sleeves is automated, collaborative caching—helping you earn passive rewards.

Read more about Sleeves on Priming's Docs.

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