Why acquire and hold PDT?

Why hold PDT

Influence our direction

  • PDT allows you to participate in ParagonsDAO’s governance—it’s your ability to influence our products, games, and direction. The more you hold, the more you direct our future through your ability to elect our council representatives.

Earn fees and yields, distributed to all shareholders

  • We distribute the yields we earn and generate via our treasury’s trading, liquidity providing and yield strategies. In addition, our buyback and burn strategy will provide regular liquidity for the PDT/ETH pair, enhancing market stability.

Stake PDT, be rewarded with game tokens

  • 90% of rewards will be allocated to our PDT staking pool where you can currently receive PRIME rewards for participating in staking—with additional tokens to be included before long.

Acquiring PDT

The easiest place to get PDT is on Uniswap (the decentralized exchance (DEX) hosting our liquidity pool). However, we recommend trading through a purpose-built DEX aggregator like Cowswap to protect your trades from sandwich attacks (import the PDT token using this contract address 0x375abb85c329753b1ba849a601438ae77eec9893).

Learn how to stake in our Staking section.

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