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NFT Bonding

To help build our significant collection of NFT assets, we launched our PDT token alongside our proprietary, first-of-its-kind NFT bonding solution (powered by OlympusPro). Through card bonding, community members could sell their Parallel NFTs to ParagonsDAO in exchange for PDT—our governance token.
Version 1
In January and February, 2022, we held two NFT bonding events with a combined budget of 23m $PDT. Through these events, we were able to collect 225 Parallel parasets, which have set us up for success for our play-to-earn strategy and PRIME revenue accrual.
Version 2
Our forthcoming plans for bonding include an ongoing, market-reactive NFT bonding experience. This will allow us to manage card bonding as an ongoing and iterative process based on our evolving needs (and aligned to evolving markets).