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Player Management System

Our player management system is in development.

Our vast collection of playable NFT assets is for the community. To unleash the potential of Web3 gamers to to benefit from these games without upfront capital required, we’ll lend them out for free, to the most deserving players.
We’re ushering in a new era of permissionless lending of Web3 assets, through an economy based on your most valuable and meaningful asset — your reputation. Read more in our Whitepaper.
We intend to launch beta testing of our player management system after the Echelon Foundation launches their "Bonds" solution—look out for details soon
Working draft of our player management NFT
Our player management system will help everyone win:
  • Players get access to NFT assets that’ll maximize their game token rewards at no upfront cost.
  • Web3 gaming becomes more accessible to traditional gamers by removing a financially significant barrier to entry
  • STADIUM can directly connect players to the assets they want to play with
  • ParagonsDAO maximizes asset usage, turning the NFTs into financially productive powerhouses we collect a percentage of .
  • PDT captures the value of the ongoing revenue, benefitting holders and those who stake their PDT (30% of ongoing game token revenue is used as staking rewards)
How our Player Management System connects players to cards (through STADIUM or directly), produces revenues for our treasury, and funds staking rewards for PDT holders