Voting for council members


The voting period lasts for two weeks, and begins one day following the nomination period closing.

The amount of PDT a voter has at the beginning of a voting period determines their voting power, and they can spread their votes across as many or as few candidates as they wish (the less candidates a holder votes for, the more concentrated their voting power) for each the Paragons Council and Treasury Council elections. Votes can be changed at any time until the end of the voting period.

All council elections are hosted on the ParagonsDAO Snapshot space.

If there are not enough candidates to warrant an election for a council, a vote will not be held for that council and all eligible nominees will pass by default.

Council Inauguration

After the voting results are finalized, new council members will be announced to the community. Council members will be added to their respective multisig wallet, and receive a special NFT that allows them to vote in the respective council’s Snapshot space.

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