After elections are announced, individuals who want to run for a council seat must self-nominate in the #nominations channel (which will open after elections are announced) on Discord by completing the information laid out in that channel (including a few simple questions). The self-nomination period lasts two weeks.

A few considerations:

  • Nominations by other people will not be accepted.

  • Candidates must answer the questions

  • Candidates who are currently Council Members must also complete a Self-Assessment and Council Assessment to be eligible to run for another epoch (also shared in the #nominations channel)

  • Candidates must respect all communicated deadlines to be eligible

The current questions a candidate needs to answer are:

  • Name and Twitter handle

  • Which council position you are nominating for

  • Experience in DAOs if any (transferable experience if none)

  • In 100 words or less, why are you the right fit for this council?

The community can ask questions of nominees at any time from when nominations open until when voting closes via Discord.

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