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For certain tasks and bounties that we make available to to our community, we use Dework. If you see a bounty you'd like to complete there, you can set up a profile and apply for it per below.

Set up profile and navigate bounties

Watch this video:


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    Connect with Discord, which allows you to participate in task/project threads that Dework opens directly within our Discord server. You’ll also want to connect with your wallet in order to receive any pay.
  2. 3.
    Navigate our PDAO Bounties board to explore open tasks
  3. 4.
    If you find a task under the “To Do” board that suits your skills and interests, apply! Make sure to provide some information about why you’d be well-suited for the task.
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    The best applicants are those who’ve populated their Dework profile (add skills, bio, links to other profiles) and can share examples of any relevant work. Bonus points if you’ve completed tasks in Dework before (they’ll show up on your profile)

Bounty suggestions

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for bounties? On our Dework page, navigate to the Community Suggestions board to add your suggestions. We’ll accept any bounties we want to move forward with.
For more information about how to use Dework in general, refer to their documentation here.