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Welcome to ParagonsDAO

We level-up players and guilds.
We’re a gaming community focused on simplifying web3 gaming for the masses and sharing the assets, analytics, and infrastructure that help you unleash your potential with premier games. Trailblazing the Web3 gaming landscape, we:
  • Reduce barriers-to-entry for traditional gamers and championing accessibility to assets for the most deserving
  • Ignite the competitive Web3 Esports ecosystem
  • Bootstrap the future of Web3 and GameFi infrastructure
  • Build, democratize and leverage rich data on players and assets to better serve players and game developers
Our healthy Treasury includes several years of runway, the largest collection of Parallel NFTs and significant holdings of the PRIME token, and our own liquidity. It'll capture revenues from our products (Priming, Equip, and Guildr).
PDT is our governance token, allowing you to guide the direction and decisions of ParagonsDAO.
On this site, you’ll find resources you need to learn about ParagonsDAO and our team, the PDT token and staking, our proprietary NFT bonding solution, our governance, treasury and any smart contracts and wallets you may want to explore to learn more about the DAO!
This website is intended solely to provide general information about ParagonsDAO and its products and services, and allow users to participate in them.
Nothing on this website constitutes investment, accounting, tax, or legal advice or is a recommendation that you purchase, sell or hold any token or investment, or that you pursue any investment strategy.