Membership Categories

Members of the Paragons Alliance are categorized into two groups: "Reserves" and "Active Duty."


Every new member joining the Paragons Alliance begins as a "Reserve" soldier. Reserves are in a holding status, awaiting recruitment into "Active Duty". During this period, Reserves can participate in activities and events organized exclusively for Paragons Alliance members. However, they do not have access to borrow assets from the Armory (our NFT Treasury).

Active Duty

Members who have been recruited into Active Duty can freely borrow Parallel cards gaming assets such as Avatars, Keys, and Parallel cards directly from our Armory (Treasury). This status signifies a higher level of involvement and trust within the Alliance.

As an Active Duty member, you represent and front Paragons Alliance, where Echelon’s Bonds recognizes you as an active player borrowing Parallel assets from the Alliance’s asset pools (our Bond). Through Echelon’s Bonds infrastructure setup, you can only borrow assets from a single Bond and would be unable to borrow additional gaming assets from other Bonds.

However, if you are assigned a Reserve role within Paragons Alliance, you can participate and borrow Parallel assets from other Bonds even though you are a member of Paragons Alliance—should you choose to leave the other Bond, you’d become eligible to be pulled into Active Duty with the Alliance. .

Transition to Active Duty

Upon the launch of Echelon’s Bonds (Alpha), members will be upgraded and activated to Active Duty manually and in waves. As the top holder of Parallel assets, we aim to eventually support and activate all Alliance members to Active Duty once Bonds is stable.

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