Borrowing of Parallel cards via Bonds

Borrowing of Parallel cards via Bonds

Active Duty members within Paragons Alliance can freely borrow Parallel cards from our Armory to multiply and maximize your PRIME earnings.

How it works for an Active Duty member’s perspective:

Through Echelon’s Bonds (Alpha), lending of assets are managed per epoch, or cycle, with a cycle starting out as one week.

Active Duty members can request to borrow assets mid cycle for the next cycle. In the event when an Active Duty member drops out of mid cycle, the cards that were lent out to them will still remain lent out until the end of the cycle.

When you borrow cards from our Armory and earn PRIME from winning Parallel ranked matches, the PRIME earned in-game will be split as follows:

  • 5% goes to Echelon’s Sink Rake

  • 95% is distributed to Paragons Alliance via Echelon’s Bonds

Paragons Alliance will collect 20% of the earned rakes and distribute the remaining 80% to the player.

Echelon’s Bond splits the lender and bond rake to 10% individually, totalling up to 20%. Currently, as Paragons Alliance is the only lender within our Bonds, we will collect the 20%.

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