Borrowing of Avatars and Keys via Gears

Top-performing Active Duty members within the Paragons Alliance can borrow Parallel Avatars and Keys from our Armory to earn additional rakes through Gears.

Top Performers Perks:

Elite members receive concierge treatment and prioritized access on Parallel Avatars and Keys via Gears, maximizing their PRIME earnings to the maximum

How It Works:

  1. Paragons Alliance scouts out and contacts the top performers.

  2. We create a unique smart contract wallet (a “Gear”) for these champs, which a user can connect to their Parallel account.

  3. Requested Keys and Avatars are loaded into the Gear wallet.

  4. Players rake in additional PRIME rewards from the boosted Avatars and Keys.

  5. A slice of the extra rakes goes back to the Alliance.

With Keys and Avatars in limited supply, this exclusive lending via Gears is reserved for our elite players only.

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