Priming is an asset management platform for gamers.

Priming is an asset management platform for gamers. From managing in-game collectibles, tokens, socialization, analyses, and competition, Priming will become every gamer's portal to the world of Web3 gaming—everything except the game’s client.

Priming orients around the daunting problem of playing and collecting within a multitude of games, in an era where your actions may elicit financial gain or loss. Players of multiple titles require intimate knowledge of token economics, asset functions, market pricing, gaming populations, and other characteristics distinct to each ecosystem in order to achieve optimal outcomes. It's our goal to make all of that easy.

In order to make Web3 gaming an inclusive reality for newer entrants to the space, onboarding needs to be seamless, games incredibly fun, and asset management simple and tightly integrated. Priming enables the latter, by allowing gamers to optimize their gameplay by consolidating project specifics, whether in-game mechanics or financial implications, to a single administrative experience.

Our vision builds around five core tenets, in which users will:

  • Research: Discover patterns across the in-game and financial transactions of your favorite game(s). Whether historical sales trends, win rates and utilization, or assessing ecosystem health, Priming enables complex explorations in an easy-to-use package.

  • Identity: Build your on-chain reputation on our platform, track your triumph and rake in rewards through active participation in our ecosystem.

  • GameFi: Analyze integrated transactions, without having to rely on multiple, separate DeFi dashboards and Dapps. Monitor your gaming portfolio as it grows, while understanding P&L, yield and cost basis whether via trading or gameplay results. New players and whales can maximize yield and in-game earning potential through aggregated borrowing, lending, buying and selling within the platform.

  • Content: Author, consume, and share evidence-based content articles which set the standard for gaming reporting and insights.

  • Community: Engage, discuss and socialize with like-minded peers to form competitive teams, casual groups and guilds within our community. Grow your inner gaming circle and pit yourself against the best of the best in ranked ladder and e-sports tournaments.

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